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2016 Attendee Retention Insights: Part 2

Author: CEIR




Table of Contents

Table of Contents

2016 Attendee Retention Insights: Part 2

Author(s): CEIR
Keyword(s): Attendee; Retention; Attendee Retention; Attendee demographics; exhibition floor; Attendee Preferences
Abstract: Part Two profiles exhibition floor features that drive repeat attendance. In addition to reporting total results, unique repeat attendee preferences are identified by key attendee demographics (gender, age, role in purchasing decisions, job level, organizational size, annual purchases of show-related products and services and profile of event attended). Additionally, exhibition organizer results that differ from total results are identified as well, including by: whether association-run or independently-run; size of exhibition by Net Square Feet and number of attendees; whether an event rotates locations and whether an event occurs during the business week only or includes a weekend day.
Subtitle: Part Two: Exhibition Floor Features that Build a Loyal Alumni Attendee Audience

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