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2019 B2B Exhibition Sponsorship Playbook: Part 4

Author: CEIR

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

2019 B2B Exhibition Sponsorship Playbook: Part 4

Author(s): CEIR
Keyword(s): Analysis; B2B; Benchmarking; Sponsorships; Future; Exhibitions; Exhibitor; Sales
Abstract: Part Four assesses the future outlook for sponsorships. From the organizer perspective, the report looks at the anticipated outlook for sales in 2020 and for sponsorship buyers, likelihood to purchase sponsorships in the next two years and anticipated level of spending on sponsorships in 2020. This report also compares organizer and sponsor perceptions of gaps in sponsorship offerings and areas where sponsorships, if made available, would enhance sponsor success.
Subtitle: Part Four: Future Outlook for Sponsorship Sales and Purchases

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