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Demystifying Electrical Services for the Exhibitor (2019)

Author: Richard P. Curran




Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Demystifying Electrical Services for the Exhibitor (2019)

Author(s): Richard P. Curran
Keyword(s): Electrical Services; Exhibitor; Industry Insights; cost-savings; Cost; Exhibit Booth; Booth Design
Abstract: Demystifying Electrical Services for the Exhibitor, a staple in the CEIR library, is updated by Immediate Past President of ESCA Richard P. Curran, CEO and President of Expo Convention Contractors. This report was originally authored by Steven Hagstette, Sr., who has since retired from Freeman as Senior Vice President. This report is a must-read for new exhibitors who want to minimize exhibiting expenses, as Curran delineates a step-by-step process on how to determine how much electrical power is needed for a booth; how to clearly lay out where to install power; and other tips and tricks on how to minimize cost and time.

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