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2019 Head of Marketing Insights Series: Part 1

Author: CEIR




Table of Contents

Table of Contents

2019 Head of Marketing Insights Series: Part 1

Author(s): CEIR

This report takes a close look at the image of the business-to-business (B2B) exhibition channel among heads of marketing, those who are at the helm of decisions that shape the strategy and efforts for their organizations’ most urgent marketing and sales objectives.

Part One also assesses how perceptions are the same and different among heads of marketing at organizations that use the channel and those that do not. It offers statistics to promote the power of B2B exhibitions as an effective marketing medium and uncovers areas of opportunity to expand awareness of the channel. This report also examines what to address in B2B exhibitions to enhance their value and relevance to brand marketers moving forward.

Subtitle: Part One: Overview of Marketing and Sales Approaches, Most Urgent Objectives, and Brand Image of the B2B Exhibition Channel to Support Needs

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